Elite 20

The Elite 20 for the EF Class of 2022 have been selected. The Elite 20 is a group of senior students chosen by the teachers of the senior class based on four criteria; Academics, Leadership, Character, and Service. The students, in turn, choose the one teacher throughout their K-12 experience who has had the most influence on them. The Alumni Association hosts a banquet for the Elite 20 Seniors, and the teachers whom they have chosen along with parents and administrators. At the banquet the students give a short explanation about why they chose their teacher, and certificates are presented to them. The following students are the Class of 2022 Elite 20:
Eli Barowich, Abigail Bindus , Ethan Bowser, Haven Briggs, Bailie Brinson, Emma Campbell, Kyle Flournoy, Alexandra Jones, Rylie Kuhn, Zachary LaFrankie, Natalie Moffa, Teegan Mooney, Gino Penascino, Skylar Ruschak, Laci Schwirian, Skyler Shoben, Sage Smith, Calvin Terza, Alexander Wardropper, and Maura White

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