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2017 Hall of Fame Inductees:
Bruce Pigozzi '63 Kevin Ryan '68
Lou Chomas '69 Gary Miller '73
Greg Paterra '85 Valerie Balog '89
Educator Recognition Awardees:
Mary Jo Ignatius Bernice Kirby

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees:
Richard Pagliari '59 Moneen Jones '83
Victor Shandor '88 Simon Ball '93
Scott Vota '93 Mary Ann Bender '95
Educator Recognition Awardees:
Angie Berna Milliren Julius Simon

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees:
Albert Biddle, Jr. '54 Ronald Zadroga '58
Darla Twale '69 Carlos Rodriguez '87
Stephen Jamison '89 David Geyer '95
Educator Recognition Awardees:
Harriett Colebank Hebenthal Alana Wieclaw

2014 Hall of Fame Inductees:
Francis Pomilio '51 Glenn Thompson '64
Cindy Miller Ollendyke '75 Thomas Territ '78
Pete Rostosky '79 Peter Hough, Jr. '86
Educator Recognition Awardees:
Todd Keruskin Bart Rocco

2013 Hall of Fame Inductees:
Frank Bernadowski '58 Carl Pro '68
Stephanie Walsh '70 Martin Craighead '78
Ronald Wise, Jr. '80 Vince Lisi '82
Educator Recognition Awardees:
Wally Gibbons Tammy Blackwood

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees:
Mary C. Scarry '52 Joseph V. Bruno '72
Thomas Jones '60 Lynn Rockwell McHolme '79
Paul A. Goydan '65 Joseph P. Slavick '82
Educator Recognition Awardees:
Betty Jane Berich Mika Long

James Cunningham 1958 2011
Neil Sullivan 1960 2011
Paul Komaromy 1967 2011
Laurie Bashforth Walton 1971 2011
Beth Scagline Mills 1983 2011
Scott Scales 1983 2011
William Ryczaj 19622010
J. Richard Simpson 19662010
Fred McLeod 19702010
Ronald Dufalla 19722010
James E. Haywood 19792010
Frank E. Myers  19822010
Evan BrownAgricultural Researcher19432009
Edward TokarskyResearch Chemist19632009
Paul GasdickSpecial Education Teacher19652009
John CriswellEducator19672009
John MaladyGovernment Relations19722009
Juliet DragosTV News Anchor19802009
Sally Lowenstein StephensonEducator19562008
William RileyCo Founder Vista Metals19592008
Terry GeorgeProfessional Golfer19652008
David GoydanDental Anethesiologist19682008
Richard SacconeAir Force Special Agent19762008
Monheim, Dr. Leonard M. (deceased) Author, lecturer, educator, and research clinician 1928 2007
LaFrankie, Robert L. (deceased) Public school teacher, administrator; author 1946 2007
House, William D. III Professional football player, public school teacher and administrator; minister 1963 2007
Bickerton, Robert H. Attorney; Assistant U.S. Attorney in Department of Justice 1970 2007
Zando, Karen Athletic trainer; official chaplain for 2004 Summer Olympics 1976 2007
Leckie, Joseph B. College administrator; community leader 1946 2006
Hutchinson Johnson, Dr. Leayn University professor; author; researcher 1954 2006
Shank, Dr. Jon A. University professor and administrator; textbook author 1960 2006
Pasini, Ralph Brigadier General, USAF; Defense Distinguished Service Medal recipient 1964 2006
Coughenour, Keith A. Executive chef 1975 2006
Howell, Herbert Craftsman; businessman, community leader 1946 2005
Clarke, Dr. James W. University professor; author; researcher 1955 2005
Richards, Scott Radio and television newscaster 1967 2005
Fedorka Cray, Dr. Paula Jean University professor; researcher; author 1975 2005
Buck Dewar, Dr. Stephanie Pediatrican; health educator; television personality 1978 2005
Caird, David Teacher; counselor; community leader 1954 2004
Rendin, Phillip FBI--Assistant Special Agent in Charge of Pittsburgh Division 1968 2004
Keenist, Bill Professional sports administrator 1976 2004
Sotereanos, Dr. Dean Orthopedic surgeon; medical school professor 1976 2004
Waterloo Frazier, Carol News reporter and lifestyles editor 1979 2004
Harris Manns, Scotte (deceased) Businesswoman--newspaper industry 1953 2003
Thomas, James Jr. Criminal investigator; CEO, Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency 1966 2003
Henderson, Dr. James University professor and administrator 1967 2003
DeCourcy, Mike Sports writer, author, and broadcaster 1978 2003
Sotereanos, Dr. Nicholas Surgeon; medical school professor 1978 2003
Kartesz, Frank A. (deceased) Secondary teacher and administrator; inventor 1958 2002
Lee, Paul M. Jr. Inspector General of U.S. Marine Corps.; recipient of several awards for humanitarian efforts, war, and volunteer service 1965 2002
Kartesz, Dr. John T. Botanist--developed new classification system for vascular plants; university professor 1966 2002
Shaw-McHolme, Rebecca Attorney; community volunteer 1972 2002
Levdansky, David K. Member, Pennsylvania House of Representatives 1973 2002
O'Hara, Dr. John Scientist; patent holder; community leader 1951 2001
Feldstein, Jay H. Attorney, law firm president 1955 2001
Craighead, Samuel J. (deceased) Educator and intermediate unit director 1956 2001
Johnson, Dr. Ralph L. University professor and administrator; textbook author; consultant 1959 2001
House West, Marilyn Chair/CEO of planning and consulting company; community service 1962 2001
Guffey, Rev. Robert  (deceased) Minister; religious and community service 1919 2000
Howell, Alonzo Entrepreneur; land developer; community leader 1938 2000
Howell, Lawrence Entrepreneur; land developer; community leader and volunteer 1941 2000
DeRosa, Thomas Professional athlete--golf, soccer, football; soccer coach 1960 2000
Wazcak Adams, Dr. Carolyn  Public school teacher and administrator; community leader 1965 2000
Nevin, J. Gordon (deceased) Public school teacher and administrator 1929 1999
Rubino, Anthony E.  (deceased) Professional football player; high school teacher and coach; public servant 1938 1999
Kerr, Myron (deceased) Real estate developer 1950 1999
Vaira, Peter Attorney; U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of PA 1955 1999
Marvenko Smith, Pat Artist; commercial illustrator and designer; producer of visual teaching materials 1965 1999
Sikora, John M.  Social worker; member of the U.S. World Cup and Pan Am Wheelchair Basketball teams 1971 1999
Storer, Dr. Charles S. (deceased) Elizabeth school teacher, administrator, and coach; community leader 1919 1998
Kelly, Thomas E. (deceased) Holder of numerous patents and entrepreneur 1940 1998
LaFrankie, James V. (deceased) President and CEO of American Water Works Company 1945 1998
Bondi, Dr. Richard P. General surgeon; medical school faculty 1961 1998
Malloy, Dr. Kathleen A.  Nurse; community college administrator and professor 1965 1998
Winklevoss, Lynn Opera singer; actress 1967 1998
Monheim, Dr. Albert I. (deceased) Dentist; community leader 1927 1997
Robinson, Bill (deceased) Professional baseball player and coach 1961 1997
Steele, Dr. Robert D. University professor and administrator; researcher 1964 1997
Kelly, Linda Veteran prosecutor; Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Western District of PA 1967 1997
Ravasio Minard, Mary Television and newspaper reporter 1981 1997