Paul Goydan credits the influence of his family, teachers, friends and his Greenock upbringing for the success he has achieved in the business world. .Your roots; family, friends, the neighborhood, the people you met, the games you played, the jobs you had and the encouragement you were given along the way largely defined your work habits, ethics and competitive spirit in life..

Goydan.s successful business career spanning more than four decades was largely shaped by his varied work experiences growing up and his adaptive and creative nature, also a product of his formative years. He had left a lasting impression on the industry he serves, his friends and the customers and employees he had helped and influenced.

The oldest son of the late Alexander and Pauline Goydan, he was raised along with his brother David, a 1968 EF graduate and a 2007 inductee into the EFHS Hall of Fame, in the Greenock section of Elizabeth Township. .Our neighborhood and EF schooling taught us lasting lessons about hard work, the importance of education and how to compete..

At the age of 11, his first job was delivering newspapers. At 13, he became a caddy at Youghiogheny Country Club and at 18, he was one of three caddies from YCC selected to work at the 1965 PGA championship at Laurel Valley. He made $427 working seven days at the PGA event. . At 15, he started umpiring Little League baseball games. At 16, he got his first .regular year around job. working 15-20 hours a week at the A&P supermarket first in Munhall, then in Elizabeth and finally in McKeesport.

His senior year in high school, he worked sorting bottles at a Coca Cola bottling plant. At 19, he was employed at U.S. Steel.s Christy Park Works, receiving his first promotion after only two months. At 21, he started at Gateway Engineers in Pittsburgh. This job allowed him to learn drafting, surveying and how to be part of a pile driving crew. It also gave him his first taste of engineering.

By the time he graduated from Juniata College in 1969, he had belonged to three different labor unions and earned enough to pay for most his college education. .Most importantly, all this experience taught me about hard work, dealing with people much older and experienced teaching me lessons I still vividly and apply today..

Goydan graduated with a double major . mathematics and geology. The interest in math was fostered by the high school math and chemistry teachers and the interest in geology by his father who suggested geology could lead to a career in the emerging field of pollution control and environmental management. The focus of geology allowed him to follow his interest into related engineering fields at the graduate level.

In 1969, Goydan and his wife, Sherry were married. They moved immediately to Missouri where he pursued a master.s degree and his wife taught school in Jefferson City. Goydan earned his master.s, specializing in Hydrogeology, from the University of Missouri in 1971, studying under the renowned Dr. Stanly Davis. Staying true to his work ethic, he took a half-time teaching assistantship to help defray expenses.

Upon this graduation and now 24 years old, Goydan took a full-time position as an Assistant Research Scientist with Koppers Company. The next year, he was promoted to Research Scientist and supervised multimillion dollar projects. He also earned the distinction of the scientist most requested to travel to multiple field projects throughout the country. Again lessons were learned, .being asked to supervise and direct professionals and union laborers 20 to 30 years your senior was quite a challenge.. At age 27, he was promoted to Koppers. Forest Products Division as Supervisor of Environmental Engineering. He travelled extensively throughout the country from one job to another. He designed water well systems, drainage systems, roadways and first time bio-remediation systems.

At age 29, he was asked to change career paths and moved into a profit center position as Marketing Manager of specialty wood chemicals. Over the course of seven years in this profit center, he was given responsibility for sales, customer services, chemical manufacturing and his first board position for a Canadian company.

Goydan joined Osmose, his present employer, in 1983 at the age of 36. His first position was as Vice President of Marketing with Osmose Company, headquarter in Buffalo, NY. His first big challenge there was to merge two regional operating divisions and organize a consolidation in Atlanta, GA. Two years later, he was appointed Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Wood Preserving Division, responsible for sales and services to the U.S. customer base. In 1985, he was named to the Corporate Planning Committee.

Over the ensuing years, he served as Corporate Executive Vice President and President of Osmose, Inc. He has served as an Osmose Holdings Board Director since 1996 and various foreign subsidiary board.

While at Osmose, he has helped lead major industry changes from retailer warranty programs to introducing revolutionary breakthrough patented preservative technology. Company sales have expanded from the U.S. and Canada to around the world. Sales have grown over 15 times since he joined Osmose. Today, Osmose is the largest supplier of wood preservative technologies in the world.

Goydan has served on numerous industry association boards and advisory committees and on the Regional Georgia Council of the Boys Scouts. He also was a director of his church council. He volunteers time to Habitat for Humanity, too.

In his 42 years of marriage and over 4.5million air miles, he has travelled to every US state and Canadian province, visited over 45 countries and lived in eight houses, two apartments and two townhouses. The Goydans recently moved to Houston, TX, to be near their son, Paul, Jr.; his wife, Rachael; and their grandchildren, Margaret and Tripp.

In his spare time, he loves golf, skiing and jogging and with his wife, they enjoy world travel and spending time with the grandchildren.